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We preserve the roses with a very special process that allows them to be preserved for several years.
In the first step we carefully remove the water from the roses, then we enrich the flowers with color and glycerine. 
This gives the roses their unmistakable bright colors and years of shine!
Our roses are real, preserved and have a completely natural look.
We love the environment! Our preserved roses are gentle and extremely sustainable. They are 100% biodegradable and harmless to health.

You never need water or other cleaning products again!
Please follow the instructions below so that your Flowerbox will bring years of joy:
- Please do not water the roses or treat them with care products.
- Please avoid touching the petals as this could affect the life of the roses. Ideally, protect from direct sunlight.
—If dust accumulates after a while, you can simply remove it with the GRACE Infinity Brush.
- If the rose scent fades, you are welcome to dust your own ROSE BLUSH Room Scent with the roses.